Diamond Racing Custom Inline Valve SBF Piston

Diamond Racing Custom Inline Valve SBF Piston

Price: $228.87
Sale Price: $208.00
Piston Type:
Skirt Shape:
Wrist Pin Bore:
Wrist Pins:
Lock Type:
Lateral Gas Ports:
Top Gas Ports:
3D Crown Milling:

Application: Street, Strip, Drag Race, ETC *

Desired Compression Ratio *

Cylinder Head *

Chamber CC *

Head Gasket Bore & Thickness *

Connecting Rod Material *

Connecting Rod Small End Width *

Connecting Rod Thickness above Wrist Pin *

Finished Bore Size *

Crankshaft Stroke *

Connecting Rod Length *

Compression Height *

Actual Deck Height of Block *

Piston to Deck (Positive = piston below deck) *

Maximum HP *

NA, Supercharged, Nitrous, or Turbocharged *

If Boosted, How Much?

If Nitrous Assisted, How Much?

Crown Thickness

Skirt Thickness

Pocket Thickness

Intake Valve Diameter *

Exhaust Valve Diameter *

Wrist Pin Length *

Top Ring Groove *

Second Ring Groove *

Oil Ring Groove *

VP Depths or Maximum Valve Lift *

Diamond Racing Custom Piston for SBF with Inline Valves (Sold Individually)

All custom SBF pistons are supplied with the following standard features:

  • G Series 8620 .927" or .990" wrist pins (.185" wall thickness)
  • Full Round Skirts
  • Pin Fit (.0012")
  • Banana Groove Oil Slots
  • Maxi-Lite Internal Milling
  • Double Spirolocs

    Piston Rings are sold separately!

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