427ci SBF Sportsman Boost Ready Crate Engine

Short Block Specs

  • New Dart Iron Eagle Block
  • Zero Decked to 9.500"
  • Honed with Torque Plates (4.125" Bore) and Pressure Washed
  • New Durabond High Performance Cam Bearings
  • Line Honed
  • Molnar Tech. 4340 Forged Steel 4.00" Stroker Crank (Internally Balanced)
  • Molnar Tech. Power Adder Plus 6.200" Rods w/ARP2000 Bolts
  • Wiseco Forged -9cc Flat Top Pistons with Trend Perf. Pins
  • Calico Coated H Series Main and Rod Bearings
  • JES Custom Billet Core Solid Roller Camshaft
  • Comp Cams Hex-A-Just Billet Double Roller Timing Set
  • Crower HIPPO Severe Duty Link Bar Solid Roller Lifters
  • Melling Select Performance High Volume Oil Pump
  • Moroso Steel Foxbody Pan & Moroso P/U Tube
  • JES Custom Valve Covers
  • ATI Harmonic Balancer
  • ARP Damper Bolt

Top End Specs

  • JES Custom 255cc High Port Cylinder Heads milled to 65cc Chambers
  • Three angle performance valve job
  • Ferrea Comp Plus SS 2.125” Intake Valves
  • REV Inconel 1.600” Exhaust Valves w/Hard Tips
  • PAC 1325 .800" Double Valve Spring
  • Light Weight Titanium Retainers and Titanium Locks
  • Crower SS Shaft Rockers
  • Trend 3/8"x.135" wall Dual Taper Pushrods
  • ARP Performance Head Studs
  • CHI Commander 4150 EFI Converted Intake Manifold

Dyno Test Service:

  • Run Engine for Full Break In and Power Test
  • Oil Analysis
  • Graphs Listing HP, Torque and all Engine Vitals


* Engine cradle, crate, and shipping inside the continental USA are NOT included and will be quoted at the time of completion*


427ci SBF Procharger Ready Crate Engine