BMP 9.5" SBF Intake Manifold
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BMP 9.5" SBF Intake ManifoldBMP 9.5" SBF Intake ManifoldBMP 9.5" SBF Intake Manifold
BMP 9.5" SBF Intake Manifold

BMP 9.5" SBF Intake Manifold

Price: $715.00
Carb Pad Flange:

BMP 9.5" Deck SBF Intake Manifold

Bill Mitchell Products Intake Manifold Ford Small Block 9.500″ 

The BMP SBF is the ultimate in high performance aluminum intake manifolds for small block Ford engines, only from Bill Mitchell Products, the originator of high   performance aftermarket castings! We give you real world technology, for the street or track! Bill Mitchell Products has expanded its offering of intake manifolds for 351 Ford applications to include this highly effective single plane design. It provides outstanding flow for these 9.500” deck applications & is offered in configurations for 4150 series or large 4500 (Dominator) carb flanges and equipped with bosses for nitrous systems.


TECHNICAL Information:

RPM range 2700 – 7500

Overall Height   7.500″ (4150 flange) 

Port Size: 2.080″ x 1.230″ Rectangle Ports   

Bosses For Nitrous System   

9.50″ Deck Applications 

Ideal For Big Cubic Inch Motors

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