MGP 2500 Series LS/LT Rods

MGP 2500 Series LS/LT Rods

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MGP 2500 Series LS/LT Rods

Machined from a proprietary billet aluminum material, MGP rods feature massive strength, durability, and precision in a lightweight package. Unique features such as full radial serrations ensure zero cap movement in the most demanding environments and a proprietary MGP Hard Bore small-end process reduces wear and bore deformation.

  • Micro-finishing: Micro-finish processing in the small end bore extends the lifespan of the rod. Tolerance of the wrist pin is held to .0002 regarding size, roundness, and taper.
  • Billet Aluminum: Machined from proprietary billet material providing superior strength and durability.
  • Precision Lightening: FEA Modeled to reduce weight while increasing strength via precision CNC machining.
  • Integrated Locking Serration: I.L.S. system on the rod cap and rod main body ensures precise alignment and prevents cap walk.
  • Washer Integration: Integrated hat washer assembly is retained by connecting rod cap for easy installation.
  • Precision Honing: Journal bore precision machined holding tolerance .0002 regarding size, roundness, and taper.

    Center To Center Length


    Pin End Bore

    0.927 or .990 IN

    Pin End Bore Width

    1.050 IN

    Big End Bore

    2.225 IN

    Big End Width

    0.940 IN

    Bolt Diameter

    7/16 IN

    Bolt Material

    ARP L-19

    Rod Quantity


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